Things You Must Know About LED Parking Lot Lights

It can be quite expensive to keep the parking lot well lit, especially during those times of the day when the daylight is not available or is minimum. The business owners of the parking lots often face many problems in lighting up their parking space adequately. Walking through the parking spaces which have poor lighting arrangements can be quite unsafe and risky for your employees, visitors, and customers. Moreover, dark parking spaces can also create space for criminal activities.

Now, it can be quite costly for the parking lot owners to continue lighting up their parking space with the decade-old inefficient lighting solutions. The LED parking lot lights in Houston options are the best switch-over in this regard. The LED alternatives come with reduced maintenance costs, utility savings costs, and also last for a long period of time. Here are some of the most important points that you must know about the LED parking lot and LED parking garage lights.

HIDs are the arc lamps which are gas-discharged and transmit light via the use of electric current. HIDs consume much less power and produce better illumination as compared to the halogen bulbs. However, their efficiency can never match the latest LED technology.

The LED anatomy is all about using solid-state technology for converting electricity into light. The visual difference and illumination produced by LEDs can never match HIDs. LED lights offer better ROI to companies with almost no maintenance cost.

Pole Placement:
Most of the light fixtures of the parking lots get attached to the tall poles. This helps in stretching the light throughout the parking area. Now, if you decide to replace your traditional lighting system with LEDs, you also require deciding whether to replace or keep the existing poles. This is because LED lighting solutions can offer you more light distribution even with the use of less number of fixtures. So, consider the pole placement before you switch over to the LED parking lights.

Professional Lighting Assessment:
It is a proven fact that LED lighting solutions help in reducing the energy costs of commercial parking lots to a great extent. However, if you are still unsure about the cost savings with LEDs, you can always schedule a professional assessment of the lighting without any hassle. Consult with experts in the field and they can easily analyze the ROI and cost savings timetable for you after proper evaluation.

Now, that you have completed the above steps, and satisfied with the benefits of switching to LED lighting options, install the best and cheapest outdoor lighting solution for your parking lot without any delay. High bay LED lights are also quite popular in the market these days.